Still in Baires

One day spent in barrio La Boca is the must...
If the pictures had sound, there would be tango playing on this site like from the every corner of La Boca places...

The most common answer given for the question: "Why all the building are colourful" is the one explaining that the first inhabitants simply used to decorate them with rests of paints they were finding in docks. Just to make their humble homes more enjoyable.

La Boca is one of the most characteristic neighbourhood of the city. Once you see colourful metal houeses you know you are there. This is the place where the first immigrants from Europe, specially from Italian Genoa, settled.They used to work mainly in the harbor passing free time dancing and enjoying the life. The story says that here Argentine tango was born...Nowadays La Boca is a typical bohemian barrio with lots of artists, climatic cafes and cultural events.
And of course, the place is a crucial point for fans of Boca Juniors and Diego Maradona.

El Caminito - the main street in La Boca

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