Salta la Linda

 The city of Salta situated in the north-west part of Argentina famous for its colonial architecture with the pink Cathedral as the most recognizable and picturesque building in the town.
Called La Linda with its colonial style, warm climate and hilly landscape for many European visitors is like a copy of a Spanish town somewhere in Andalucia region. This part of Argentina is certainly different from central or south regions regarding architecture, music, tradition, food and specially people. Whereas the south is mainly formed by the influances of English, German, Danish, Swiss settlers, the north belonged to newcomers from Spain and natives originated in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay. It's unfair to generalize but just to give a simplified view on this matter it looks like the north of Argentina is more Latin, in the way Europeans understand this word, and the south presents a different story. Fortunately the country is so big it has a room for two coexisting worlds attracting various visitors with different needs.


The church of Saint Francis

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