A small piece of San Telmo

 San Telmo is the oldest barrio bonaenerse situated in the south from the centre next to La Boca barrio. It's a place to go if you want to see the most traditional and lyric part of Baires filled with the sounds of tango, smell of asado (meat prepared on parrilla - special grill), voices of locals chatting in lunfardo (dialect used by porteños). While walking down the cobblestone streets your eyes will easly catch antique shops, cosy restaurants, street artists, tango dancers and places where flea markets take place. It's an ideal spot to visit if you need some inspiration or are in nostalgic and romantic mood. If your vibes are less spiritual go for a shopping to Palermo...

Seeing characteristic Russian domes in such place may be astonishing however it is indeed the Russian Orthodox Church in the centre of San Telmo next to the Parque Lezama. And it has been there since 1904 built as the first Orthodox church in Latin America for all Russian immigrants that started their new lifes here years ago.

And this is Mafalda. Mafalda is a little clever girl founded in 1962 by Argentine cartoonist Quino (Joaquin Salvador Lavado). For several years Mafalda series were appearing in local papers as a sort of reference to current socio-political situation of Argentina and rest of the world. The little heroine every day wonders about the situation on the Earth in a funny and ironic way commenting very important matters like: world peace, humanity, comunism, religion and even the arm race. She criticizes all actions of powerful people that govern the world and rebels against everything from unjustice to eating soup.

The figure of Mafalda is seated on a bench situated close to a place
in San Telmo where the author used to live.
Isn't she sweet?

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