Abasto , Carlos Gardel y fileteado 1

Abasto is another barrio of Buenos Aires, a close neighbour of Recoleta, where on every corner you may find signs of two important and very precious elements of the culture porteña: fileteado and Carlos Gardel - the icon of Argentine tango.
Fileteado is an unique type of stylized painting you can find practically only in Argentina, specially Buenos Aires. It was born here at the beginning of the 20th century when producers of carts and other vehicles started to decorate their parts with colourful ornaments. For years it has extended touching various aspects of everyday life being visible on shops, buildings and different small elements emphasizing vivid and expressive Argentine culture...

...And Carlos Gardel even though died in 1935 is still alive in hearts of porteños and in mouths of these who perform his unforgettable songs. This Argentine hero grew up in Abasto starting to give small recitals in bars and private parties. His unique talent was soon appreciated by tango lovers all over the world. He was a singer, songwriter and actor and in all these fields gained recognition, respect and first of all memory of the city Buenos Aires that honours him every day.

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